Oh Happy DAY!! My niece is going to college near ME!!!! And all I can think of....is ... sweet... BABYSITTING!!!!!

I have never used a real sitter… I have friends to watch my kids and we exchange, but I never trusted anyone enough and sadly… I guess, sort of gave up a life of my own so that I didn't have to trust anyone I didn't know… This kind of screwed me in the end… I mean, I don't go out unless the kids are with their dad… or with a friend… My single mom social life is no existent and that has been okay with me… Totally. 

But knowing that my awesome 18 year old niece will be 20 minutes away and in need of some gas money… It will be so nice to have her with my kids and know they are safe with family… And I can see a movie with my boyfriend… or wait… get a boyfriend… (reminder: single mom here… not a floosy)...

We have never lived near any family, so this is great and my sister will visit a lot now… yeay...

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