Kids are back in school!!! And.. yes... I cried...

Don't get me wrong, I am so GLAD that they are back in school...craving a routine and quiet to work and to get things done and to be ..human again… I walked in this morning after drop-off and thought, I'm free… And when I say, free, I just mean… it's JUST ME for the next few hours and they are happy and safe.

My daughter started FIRST grade… Holy crap… First… My last baby in first and I didn't cry until she turned to blow me a kiss as I left her classroom… so proud… she's such a joyful, positive person...

My son, in the 4th grade line… asked me to leave him… WHATTTT? Then before I made a BIG scene to embarrass him and try to smooch him as he playfully pushed me away, I tried to fix his hair and he was like, «Mom!»… Okay, Okay… I get it buddy. Fourth Grade. Oh  man… this is when it gets really good for him and girls don't seem so icky and his buddies may swear when they're alone together… I walked away knowing I'd just lost him a little to his own life… But I get them back at 1:40… And I'll be early...

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