Bedtime Routine!

I would love to chat about babies, toddlers, tweens, teens… just kids bedtime routines in general with you all — do you have a set routine? something fun? something memorable? something meaningful?

I can honestly remember my bedtime routine as a little lady… being tucked in, a sweet prayer I can still recite to this day… and then stuffed animals surrounding me — brings back sweet memories! I feel like sometimes you sweet Moms might think those go un-noticed, but they do not! :)

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    8Theresa Gould
    We do have a routine and busyness is what tends to upset it at times. We usually read to our little ones, sing and pray while snuggling in our bed. Lately with the middle children we read on our bed, play UNO and they are sent off to their own bed with a kiss.

    Our first few children we had a set routine and their bedtime was 7pm (we read, sang and prayed to them in their own beds and then my husband and I would have the evening together. Gradually we started reading in our big bed doing all the above and then carrying each child to his or her own bed.
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