How to get pregnant... FAST!


Timing is everything, right?

In my experience we weren't trying… so we have been blessed. But I know so many gals who want it to happen… and fast! Thus I wanted to share some tips on how to speed up the process if everything is fine with the he and she… and you just need to make the magic happen :)

1 Figure out when you ovulate!

2 Get busy at the right time… find those fertile days!

3 Lie down… yes… lie down! Recent studies do show that lying down on the job can make the magic happen at a higher rate by keeping things horizontal! 

4 Enjoy the process… honestly try not to stress. That can be huge!

5 Get those «boys» (sperm) healthy and ready! Obviously this is a guys job… but nix the bad habits… and take care of the boys!

6 Get your body ready and good to go! Being healthy, knowing your health and preparing can be huge for a woman too!

Those are pretty helpful tips I found… I feel like taking care of your body as a woman is so vital… sometimes we forget, but you can't take care of others without taking care of yourself!

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    8Theresa Gould
    Good tips. Sometimes it's hard to get Dad to work on bad habits. I know it's taken years to work on my husband's eating habits but he's tons better now and I even get him to eat the occasional "green vegetable"! ;)
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