What are homemade treatments that can help with baby acne?

I've never tried anything for baby acne. It just went away on it's own but have heard that washing baby's face regularly can help. Some say to try putting breastmilk on it, others say vinegar (it's antibacterial) or honey and lemon (also antibacterial), and still others say a mild soap...but the only soap I'd use on a baby's face is goat milk soap that contains no chemicals.

Someone else recommended California Baby Calendula Cream, which I have never heard of or used. I would be hesitant to put anything with chemicals on my baby's face. Their skin is just too tender.

Now that I know more about natural health and wellness, I would try a bit of 100% pure therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil, but read the labels because anything other than 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils as they could burn baby's skin. I would also mix the Lavender with olive oil at first.

Another thought is for mom to do a mental check of her diet to see if there's anything in it that could be causing an allergic reaction or sensitivity in baby.

Re-evaluate the kind of laundry detergent you are using. If you switch it, make sure you choose a milder one to replace it.

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    Good point Lisa.
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