What you can do when your baby cries?

The thing to remember when a baby cries is crying is the way a baby communicates. There is a generation that thinks that a baby is crying to be manipulative....mmmmmm....not within the first few months of life. A baby cries when he or she is hungry, wet, poopy (they can often give a warning sign like body language to indicate they are ready to go potty), tired, bored, has a tummy ache or gas, doesn't feel good, when they have a fever. Our job as moms is to figure out why baby is crying in the first place and seek to meet his or her needs. Sometimes every need can be met and baby still cries, this may indicate baby has colic or some other issue, perhaps lactose intolerance is making baby uncomfortable. Trust your instincts and if you think baby is ill consult with your pediatrician.

To calm baby you can try motion, talking and entertainment:

1. Put baby in his or her car seat near the washer or dryer to see if that has a calming affect.

2. Rock baby.

3. Sing to baby.

4. Talk to baby.

5. Walk baby.

6. Give baby a bath, this sometimes calms them.

7. Give baby a massage by rubbing baby lotion in slow motion all over baby.

8. Take baby for a walk in his or her stroller or baby carrier.

9. Take baby for a drive.

10. Playing a CD with water sounds that remind baby of being in the womb.

A happy, well fed baby does not cry for no reason. Always remember there is a reason for their cry.

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