When can your baby go in the pool?

This is such a controversial topic. I know the dangers of chlorine in pools, the germs etc. but part of me still thinks, «I grew up going to pools all the time soo...»

We haven't always had the opportunity to take our babies into a chlorine pool. We have almost always had a kiddie pool.

We have only ever taken a couple of babies into the pool under 6 months. Our last child I took in the pool within a month after birth because we were YMCA members and I didn't want our other children to miss out just because we had a baby. I'd sit on the side of the pool with baby and watch the rest of the children. I even purchased a special baby swimsuit that helped keep baby's temperature stable.

Given the choice I would probably always choose going in the pool and making memories than missing out on the fun that can be had. That's coming from someone who is striving to live as chemical free life as she can.

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