Tips on when to start feeding your baby solids

I've always exclusively breastfed our babies. My first I tried to schedule. I NEVER did that again, it went totally against my mama instincts. She tasted her first solids at 4-5 months old when I started her on pablum as my mother called it aka baby cereal.

Only my first and second children tasted solids before six months of age. The rest I waited until they showed signs of readiness, like staring as I brought a fork to my mouth and watching me eat with their mouth open, ready to drool. Or when they started reaching the food on my plate.

We always tried to start feeding pureed veggies first, then fruit but it always didn't work like that with the younger ones especially when big sisters started to help feeding the babies!

Cheerios were something we started as a finger food and snack.  

We gradually worked them up to meat.

We used baby food from the store or made our own. My last couple babies we just fed them table food mashed up — so much easier and less fuss actually. Though it is harder to determine how much they were eating this way. Easier when it was in a jar or in the form of a frozen ice cube! (We would make homemade baby food out of meals we ate and freeze them in ice cube trays for baby portions to be taken out as we needed them).

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