Making Food Fun for Kids

While we have been on the topic of making food fun for kids, I loved that article:…

I cannot being that imaginative. Since I have worked from home, I haven't made food or mealtimes as fun as I use to. When I wasn't working my focus was on children and home, now it's on work and making money. Kind of sad, eh? Anyone else have that problem?

As I thought more about what I have done in the past when my older children were little, I thought of the little things we did to make meals and snacking a fun part of the day:

Veggies and dip — who doesn't like to dip?

Chocolate chip pancakes instead of the same old same old

Sandwich cut outs with cookie cutters

Picnics under the table or outside

Backwards days — eat dessert first or supper at breakfast type of thing. I think we only did the dessert first.

Indoor cookouts (we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over the stove with parental supervision of course!)

Those are just a few that came to mind as I sat and thought more about it.

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    8Theresa Gould
    That is fun, Lisa. Unhealthy once in a while isn't so bad, especially when family bonding and togetherness happens.

    I agree, Meg. Sometimes it is the simplest things children remember that make the most impact and fun memories.
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