Tubal Ligation?

I had two babies. My second pregnancy was awful… Everything that could go «wrong» did… you name it, I had it… and a toddler and a Kinder Step-son, I KNEW I was done… More than done… I didn't even WANT to worry about it or find myself at 40 thinking, maybe… one more… So, I tied my tubes. Sort of… they don't really tie them anymore, they sort of create a dead end… (Through my belly button btw… weird)… Anyway… They have you sign the paper in the beginning of your pregnancy that you request and want your tubes tied… then ask you every visit… to make sure… I can only imagine how many people during birth are screaming, TIE THOSE THINGS IN DOUBLE KNOTS!!!

I don't regret it. I had a boy and then a girl from my own body and had a step son whom I adored. (And still do, but his dad and I divorced)… I'm also glad that I did it, because if I meet someone new… (hopefully younger)… and they want more kids or A kid… I know that I would do it «for» them, but I'm tired… I want to enjoy my kids now… not that I didn't enjoy them as babies… LOVED them as babies… but so grateful to be out of that stage… and as much as I love my friends kids and their little legs and arms and wrists… I see that they don't sit down at the park and go home for nap time and worry about solids… and I'm grateful FOR that time… but also grateful that I don't have to go back to it... 

ANYONE else? 

Tubal Ligation?
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    8Theresa Gould
    No, obviously, since I have 8 children. ;) But I have no desire to have any kind of surgery to alter my reproductive body.
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