Aha! Cloth or Disposables Diapers!

This is an age old question I feel like… cloth or disposable diapers!

My best friend has 3 little ones… used cloth with all 3 and swears by them… to be honest, I have done so much research on the process (once you get it down, it seems rather simple), the cost save and health wise. My husband and I for the most part have decided to give cloth a go, once the little bug is on a rather normal schedule — a few weeks in.

But I would love YOUR experiences and advice! All welcome :)

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    8Theresa Gould
    We used a combination of both in varying degrees. I will say consistent cloth diaper use definitely facilitated better potty training results. With our last child my husband didn't want to bother with cloth diapers and here we are at age three still waiting for him to be potty trained. Most of my children were potty trained before or by age 2. The earliest was 18 months but she's by far our easiest child anyways so that seems to be her pattern with everything.

    At least this has been our experience.
      I did a lot of research before my daughter was born, however my husband wanted nothing to do with it so we went with disposables. But I had a friend that cloth diapered her son and had her husband talk to my husband. She also loaned us a few to try. Well we fell in love with them and never looked back. However I became some what of a diaper addict and wanted to buy them all the time. Ended up with about 30-40 diapers in the end. Not sure if the cloth diapers helped my daughter potty train any faster. She has never liked to be wet so potty training has gone very well with only a few set backs thus far. We did us disposable pull ups for daycare as they don't allow cloth diapers at our center. But once she got better at letting us know I found some cloth pull ups that work great, even for night time accidents.
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