Ok, house or flat? Where do you live / want to live?

I'm thinking now about movement to apartments or house with  a little garden.  My desire to live in the apartment is as small as most of the apartments, but  my doubts about keeping a house are as huge as house)).

Ladies, where do you live? Please help me by sharing your experience!

Ok, house or flat? Where do you live / want to live?
    We used to live in a big house with garden. 2 years ago we decided to sell it and moved into the apartment. The main reason- way too much work and not very good neighbourhood. Now we live in a beautiful apartment. We have stuff who is taking care of grass, playground, basketball court, etc. so now I have more time to spend with my family, not with my garden. My son got lot of new friends. What I like the most, is that we live on the first floor, and I can watch him playing outside with his friends and work from home at the same time. And apartments are much cheaper to pay for, so you can save some money for your next family vacation:)
      We live in an apartment... It's just my kids and myself.. though when I was married, we had an apartment.. just a bigger one.. When I first moved into one and all my kids friends had houses and yards,etc... I felt guilty.. Like I was depriving them somehow... or they didn't have as much... BUT, they never ever once said a thing.. In fact when their friends would come to our house it was because we had a pool and all of their friends thought we lived in a hotel..
      But that's not what you asked... is it... lol..

      I have this grand illusion that I want a big backyard, office, a bedroom for each of my kids... but keeping up with a two bedroom apartment is hard enough... I say cozy small home is where it's at.. .
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