How To Take The Pacifier Away...

It's time. But they love it so much… Ugh...

Both my kids LOVED their «Fofie» ( I have no idea why they called it a fofie, but they did )… I'll admit it, I loved it too… But I KNEW there would be a time when it would have to go away… I always vowed to never be that mom with the kids who had a pacifier in it's mouth WHILE playing at the park… and I stuck to that… But, they had it… I wasn't perfect.

Around 18 months… The pacifier was a bed/nap only (and car naps)… and then when they were about 2 and half… Gosh… closer to 3… I told them that the «Fofie Fairy» was coming to take them and to bring them to all the NEW babies… WTF? was the look on their faces… But I did it anyway...

SO… One night, we decorated a shoe box, gathered ALL of the pacifiers, put them in the box and placed it next to their bed… I laid with them for a while, because they wanted one for bed and that was hard, but they did it and the next morning, the box was gone and a present was there… Something they had been wanting or asking for… Not a pony or anything...

I made it sound easy… Like, hey yeah… just tell them to put their beloved Pacifiers in a box… No… It wasn't easy. We talked about it for a week straight… I did a countdown… a warning...I told them they were too big now and it was time .. 

The next few days after the Fofie Fairy… they asked a little… Not a bunch of times. I can remember one meltdown… from my son… who as mellow as he is, has an Irish temper and he was. PISSED… But, I stuck to it and really after a day and half… Gone..

What are your tricks??? 

Moms Expertise
Hi Meg!! YOU know what? I DID.. I poked a hole in the pacifier. so that it lost it's suckage... and it just made me sad... He would pull it out and stare at it, then try again.. and I thought oh... So sad.. Then somehow he would find another one... I swear, I would put them all up and around the corner he would come with one and I would be like...where???? and how clean?? Ech...
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