School Room Assignment MAYHEM!!! It's MADNESS I tell you...

I'm not sure how it works for everyone else, but here… a few days before the first day of school, we receive a letter with the Room number and teacher assignment on them and then the emails/texts begin… and my phone was blowing UP… Who was with who? What teacher is this? How come she's not with so and so… Mother's freaking out… unsure… nervous...

Maybe because this isn't my first Kinder to First Rodeo… Or maybe I'm just more easy going with my second… OR maybe I just know it will all be okay… But I had to remove myself from all of the group texts and emails… It was stressing me out… YET I GET IT!! 

I was SOOOO worried about my son. Would he have enough friends in the new class? Would the teacher SEE him for his sweetness, because he's quiet? Would he get ignored, punched, etc? Will he feel sad or lonely or scared? It was awful...But something I realized with him and again in 2nd and then 3rd… was that no matter my fears… he totally handled… if I handled.

So many moms I know… you can FEEL their anxiety for their kids and express it somehow to their kids and so it perpetuates more fear and uncertainty. I'm not saying I did everything right, but I knew to at least FAKE it to MAKE it with My son… I told him he got the best teacher… even though I had no idea and that I heard it was the coolest room, etc… And when I mentioned that he may not know most of the kids in his class, he would make more… and you can never have too many friends AND… he would see his old ones at recess..

I have empathy for these moms… and am so grateful I'm not «there»anymore..

How does it work for everyone else?

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