Summer is OVER!!!!

Well today is our last day of Summer… AND there is a joy I feel inside… Ish...

My kids have been great, and they did their best letting me work from home this summer and we had a few little trips and did our swimming… AND even though there is still a part of me that feels like I'm waiting for it to really begin… like there haven't been enough lazy summer play days in our bathing suits… I cannot WAIT for the routine back… To get me up and moving before 7 and dressed… I have to be honest… working from home over summer… with the kids here… there were a LOT of days where it was 2 pm before I brushed my teeth and we were ALL still in our jammies… UGH… Fun for like a week...

So, I'm gearing up… and I can't lie… I will miss them too… a little... 

Jessica, it sounds like you're really good mom and love your kids) Not all the time, of course))
    8Theresa Gould
    We homeschool and I'm sad that summer is almost over because it is my favorite season and when my children spend the most time outside. I hate being cooped up inside all winter, though it has been different now that we live on the farm as they do go out more in winter too.
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