What are the best American baby names and their meaning

I got my son’s name Mark from the Bible. My favorites:


  1. Sophia- wisdom

  2. Emma- All-embracing

  3. Isabella- Hebrew: Consecrated to God,Spanish: Consecrated to God; variation of Elizabeth

4. Olivia-

    Old Norse: Kind one

    Latin: Olive tree

    Old French: Peace

  5. Emily- Latin: Eager

6. Abigail- Hebrew: A father's joy


1.      Mark-  Latin: Warlike; hammer; defender- WOW, I did not know that

2.       Jacob- Hebrew: The sup planter

3.       Mason- French: Stoneworker

4.       Ethan- Latin: Constant

5.      Michael- Hebrew: Who is like God

6. Daniel- Hebrew: God is my judge

Moms Expertise
    Abigail- Hebrew: A father's joy - cool! I like this name and meaning!
    Are there any name means "mother's joy"?)
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