How will you know if you're having a miscarriage

It is not always easy to tell whether a miscarriage is taking place. A miscarriage often does not occur as a single event but as a chain of events over several days.

Symptoms of miscarriage:

Vaginal bleeding that may be light or heavy constant or irregular. Although bleeding is often the first sign of a miscarriage, first trimester bleeding may also occur with a normal pregnancy. But bleeding with pain is a sign that miscarriage is more likely. Pain. You may have pelvic cramps, abdominal pain, or a persistent, dull ache in your lower back. Pain may start a few hours to several days after bleeding has begun. Blood clots or fetal tissue passing from the vagina It is normal to wonder whether you did something to cause your miscarriage. It may help to know that most miscarriages happen because the fertilized egg in the uterus does not develop normally, not because of something you did. A miscarriage is not caused by stress, exercise, or sex.

I was 8 weeks. The first day I had some spotting of blood. The next day I got severe cramping and contractions, they were comparable to contractions from labor. Very painful!!!  It’s just like having a baby but with no medication. Started having contractions every 4-5 minutes next night, went to the bathroom and the sac came out. I cut the sac open and there was my little baby. It looked like a miniature baby, blue spots where the eyes were, little legs and arms and I could even see the tiny fingers on the hands. About 20 minutes later I felt something, went to the bathroom and the placenta passed. Cramping stopped and bleeding slowed. This is detailed but needs to be to answer the question.


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    8Theresa Gould
    You were fortunate to "see" your baby in an early miscarriage like yours. Most of mine were later and I only got to "see" two of them. It was very hard not being able to see them but at the same time think it is very hard to see them too. :(
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