What to do if you have vaginal discharge during pregnancy

 All my first pregnancy I had a vaginal discharge, and especially heavy for the last trimester. By discharge I mean very sticky clear, sometimes milky mucus, not blood. It was very annoying because sometimes I was running to the bathroom thinking I peed or something and sure enough it’s just discharge. I wouldn't worry about discharge unless it smells bad or if you are having vaginal itching or pain of some sorts...or if its blood tinged. In that case you'd want to see your doctor.  Like I mentioned before, I got so much and had never had a problem with it. BUT… If the discharge is extremely thin, almost like water, it is important to notify your healthcare provider ASAP. This could be amniotic fluid leaking, which would need immediate attention.

I would say go see a doc if the discharge has a foul odor or is strange in color. 'A lot' of discharge does not mean you have an STD or an infection. If your mind still is not at ease, go anyway. Make sure your doctor does know about your problem. 

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    8Theresa Gould
    It is very annoying, I agree. I always felt cheated in some odd way because here I was free of a period for nine months but still had to wear a pantyliner because the discharged could be significant at times!
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