Have you ever gotten a negative home pregnancy test, but felt pregnant

I've never done it myself. But I do suspect that you can get an incorrect negative but not an incorrect positive. The reason most often being testing too early. I actually met someone who is 5 months pregnant and her tests still come out negative. Her levels are low, is what her doctor told her. But… she still gets her periods also, and her pregnancy is considered high risk.

The biggest question is can you trust a negative pregnancy test? There is a ton of advertisements for early pregnancy test that claim to be accurate for the vast majority of women up to five days before they miss their period. That said it doesn’t work for everyone. So testing in this early window can show up as a negative, when you are actually pregnant. You should consider waiting until your period is late and retest.

Sadly, it is possible that you had a very early miscarriage and that’s why the test did not find any HCG in your urine. This is fairly common if you have had a positive test one morning and a negative a few days later.

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    8Theresa Gould
    It's been when my levels have been low that they determined was part of the reason I miscarried but we never new if that was because the baby had died or what so it really wasn't helpful. But I've never had a negative test, usually just a very faint line that provoked me to retake a few days later just to make sure I was really pregnant. We moms can get a little fanatical, imagine the days before home pregnancy tests? I can't. I don't know how my mom or grandma did it! lol!
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