How to become pregnant after miscarriage?

I got a natural miscarriage in June 2002. My doctor suggested waiting a few months (at least 4-5) before trying to conceive again if I want the best hope of being able to carry to full term. Wait a few months for my body (uterus) to heal. I needed to heal to create a healthy environment for my next baby. Getting pregnant too soon could not only be harder for the growth of my unborn child but also for me.  She put me on birth control pills, vitamins and recommended to drink whole milk and eat lot of green fresh vegetables. After a miscarriage you should build up with good food and plenty of water and needed nutrients.  I got pregnant 4 month after and went on to have a healthy pregnancy. So, you need to give your body and yourself time to get over this before trying again.

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    Every doctor and couple will be different. We didn't necessarily try but nor were we preventing anything from happening either in most of our miscarriages.
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