Want to work from home? How to find real work at home jobs

It has literally taken me about 3 years to start making real money from home. By real money I mean money that I can actually pay a few bills and not just gas money. Finding those bill paying job can be very difficult. 

The best advice I give to people who ask me how to recognize a scam job from a real one I just tell them to that «if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is» However, even I have to admit that it can be hard to spot which are the good ones and which are not so research, research, research and trust your gut instincts. 

How I found many of my first jobs from home doing freelance writing came from work-at-home forums. Many of the people that I meet in the forums were very helpful, and many of forums have lists of places to find work from home.

Websites like Craigslist have work at home job listings, but this is where the research really comes in. When searching for a work at home job, in the search section select 'Telecommute' and you will find a selection of job where you can work partially or fully from home. 

Job search engines such as Indeed.com you can find work from home positions by typing «work from home» in the search bar. 

My general strategy after checking my usual job listings write down a few that I have a questions about and visit the work at home forums to see if anyone has had any experience with them. 

What do I do from home?

I think the better question is what don't I do from home...lol While some will find phone jobs left and right, if you have a house with 2 kids and 3 dogs a phone job is out of the question. I tried it when I was pregnant with my daughter,and that did not work. I have found freelance writing to be my calling, and I make good money doing this before I started blogging and along with blogging. In freelance writing the key is finding the right client to work with. 

Where do I go to find work at home job?

I have a number of places I have searched. Aside from the work at home forums. If you do not mind writing the top two places I check are:

WAHM.com — Job leads and a ton of information and articles on working from home.

WorkPlaceLikeHome.com — Job leads and a wealth of information

freelancewritinggigs.com — Jobs are added daily

jobs.problogger.net/- not sure exactly when jobs are added

Another place I check for work at home jobs (not just writing)- realwaystoearnmoneyonline.com I have found quite a few job leads here and one that paid off pretty good.

If you currently work from home I would for you to share where you find job leads.  

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    8Theresa Gould
    I mostly find paid gigs through blogging and being a part of the MomDot forum. I haven't had much success with Craigslist, Elance or oDesk, but I have checked ProBlogger but I haven't applied to many found there.
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        is Career Dollar really legit?..how much on average do you make..I am desperately needing work at home to pay for student loan and a couple of credit cards...cheap cell bill, satellite..that's it..end of maternity coming SOON.
        Comment deleted
        I have been hearing about this, trying to see if this is best for my best friend she has 4 kids and she has no college degree. Can you tell me more please
        This is the best company out here.You can email at GarcelleBernard@Gmail.com and i'll let you know how she could get started.
        4Amber hale
        can you get ahold of me garcelle am extremely interested
          Im a mother of 4 lovely girls.My young is 2,and currently looking for work at home that will.improve more my skills.I like doing arts,crafts and sometimes a little survey that will not eat 30 minutes in answering. If you guys can help me find the right thing for me it will be appriciated.thanks.Need to help my husband paying our bills.
            thank you so much for all that information i will be checking them out. thanks again . Lisa
              7MsEJanece Edwards
              Thank you Lady C. for the work at home information.
                4Jessica Chattopadhyay
                Thank you. i will look at all the places.
                  I will make it short and simple, because usually I would write a whole lot. Hove you heard of That Crazy Wrap Thing. You get a crazy, but easy body wrap and see results in 45 minutes... I tried it...It Works. Great company to help other's and yourself. Message me for more info if needed. www.pathtoslimmer.com, Facebook me@ www.Facebook.com/pathtoslimdown
                    Hi thanks for this info! You are so awesome for putting it out there like this! I am lucky to work part-time doing a phone type job for family from home. I also started writing from home a few months ago. I just started using wahm.com too! I also found textbroker.com (through that site I think.) Do you have any experience with that site? Not sure about it yet as I just started but it seems like there are many writing jobs listed there daily. I have also found a couple jobs through Elance and odesk.com but none of it seems to pay that well so far, at least to start. I hope it gets better.
                    Thanks again for giving more resources for me to check!
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