How soon after pregnancy can you get pregnant again?

Different doctors will tell you different things, but I believe it is usually recommended to wait at least a year. My personal opinion is that it is up to you and your partner when you would like to have another baby.

My husband and I have always been pretty diligent about waiting to have relations to give my body time to heal so we wait out the 6 weeks postpartum. It helps eliminate the risk of infection and gives mom's body time to heal.

How soon you get pregnant again after having a baby will also depend on how difficult a labor and delivery you had, whether or not you had a c-section and how fast your body heals from those things.

A woman's body is an amazing thing. It is capable of far more than anyone realizes. Not that I recommend getting pregnant right away or even having a child one after another, I realize it's not for everyone. But also consider how it was before all the birth control and advances in technology and limiting of family size. Something to think about, eh?

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    I remember after my first which started with my water breaking at 10-11am and having our daughter at 9am the next morning. It was a hard labor. I was given pain meds, then my husband said I asked for an epidural, which I still to this day do not remember asking. The first epidural didn't take so they gave me another and it hurt. I pushed for like 50 minutes and once baby girl was out and we were all hanging out my husband had the audacity to ask if I still wanted four children. All the nurses and the doctor looked at him like he had grown another head and said, "Not now." lol! It's funny now but at the time I said a strong, "No" and gave him an evil look!
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