What to do if you notice spotting or bleeding during pregnancy?

Call your doctor. That's what they are there for. If bleeding gets worse before you can get in to see your doctor, just head straight for the ER. In my first miscarriage, I went to my doctor's office first and I remember my doctor saying she should have just sent me to the hospital because my bleeding was so bad.

In my experience, the doctor, nurse or midwife, usually has told me to rest and put my feet up to see if the spotting/bleeding stops. Sometimes we moms can overdo things.

Sometimes intercourse can cause some slight spotting, especially in first time pregnancies, at least that was the case for me in my first pregnancy.

Pap smears or vaginal exams can cause spotting but that usually only lasts a very short time and should be miniscule.

Miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies are another cause for spotting or bleeding in pregnancy.

Onset of labor and delivery can cause spotting.

Infections, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Placental problems or even preterm labor.

Regardless, spotting or bleeding is not something to ignore or take lightly.

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    If it was happening regularly, then you have nothing to be embarrassed about in asking your doctor about it. That's a perfectly normal thing to happen when you are concerned about something like this and like I said, that's what they are there for.
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