Marital Problems

So as of late my husband and I have been fighting like non-stop....i'm so sick of he will literally start a fight with me when im breastfeeding the wtf is wrong with u....then he expects me to do everything around the house and also take care of the i understand that he works and all that but it too much to ask for him to help me out with his children when he is i didnt just make them on my own here....back in 2011 he got physically abusive to me twice....and both times i took him has been years since he has been physically abusive to me and now he starting to get physical with me again....idk what to where the hell can i go....the only family i have down here in Southern California is my mom, but that would be the first place he would she doesnt even enough room in her apartment for me and my 4 kids to go with her and the rest of my family lives up in Washington State....after i had the boys last October, he has drastically changed the way he act towards me and to me....he treats my boys totally different than he does the he goes as far as to tell me that the boys arent his and that hes gonna do a DNA test cause of the fact that i cheated a little over 3 years i have done nothing since and to me the boys look like him but with lite skin cause hes Mexican....the whole reason behind him denying my boys is because the were lite skinned and had light hair and blue eyes when they were born....whereas with my eldest daughter who was also lite skinned with black hair and brown and blue eyes and my youngest daughter who was darker like her father and lightened up and she also had black hair and brown and blue eyes....i told him that if he wants to do the DNA test to do it cause i know who got me pregnant and everything....and hes like this when hes drunk...thats when he especially likes to deny my boys and it pisses me off....he even told me last night that last night would be the last day that i had my phone and that if my house wasnt cleaned to his standards that i could stay good bye to not only my cell phone but to the cable, internet and everything really not only have u been emotionally abusive to me over the year but u are becoming physically abusive to me...u have to control me i have left twice but the first time him and his family begged me to take him back and the second time i gave him an seriously at my wits end and and seriously thinking of packing up mine and my kids things and asking my dad to come and get me and take me and my kids back home to Washington State.

    5Soninka Martin
    I am sorry to hear that. I can give you plenty of advice on my facebook page also. Look me up. I always looking for friends. I will answer all the questions you need me to answer. I am not always on here. lol But my advice to you. Is not to run. Wait a little bit get help from the community, friends or family. I hope we can be friends on facebook also.
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