Abscessed tooth while being pregnant - Need advice!

Hey! I am 5 months pregnant. But I am very disappointed to say that I am diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The doctor said that there is nothing to worry as the diabetes can be controlled by maintaining the blood sugar. Now I have included healthy foods in my diet and has also started doing exercises to control my blood sugar. I am not taking any medicines for diabetes as I am very much concerned about my baby's health. Today I woke up with swollen gums and throbbing pain in my right upper tooth. I am worried that I have developed a tooth abscess. Puz and blood oozed out from my right upper jaw when I brushed. I washed my mouth with salt water but I still have pain. My husband suggested seeking help from an emergency dentist in Toronto ( http://www.emergency-dental-365.com/contact-us/em… ). I took an appointment with the dentist for today. Is it safe to undergo dental procedures while being pregnant? Since I am diabetic, will there be any complications in undergoing the dental procedures? Any suggestions?

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