I just found gum in MY hair... Whaattt theee f....

I'm used to finding things in my kids hair… or stuck to the couch… or the car seats, but in MY hair… ah man!!! Seriously though… when? I showered last night and so... 

ANY one else with a mommy gripe? Let's hear them! Don't hold back! NO judgement… I don't doubt everyone loves their kids… let's hear the real stuff.. 

    8Theresa Gould
    Children who won't do their chores when we tell them to or who grump all the way through the house, out the door and end up coming back in half way tolerable. Moody, irritable, angry teenager (who's angry at God mostly for things completely out of our control - our babies who died, my husband's impending unemployment, etc., etc.,) who puts our whole household on edge. :(
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