When did your "bump" appear!

Okay ladies… this is a random, I gotta know, tell me your experience...

When your baby BUMP started to show!

I am 13-14 weeks pregnant and honestly not much of anything is happening! of course sometimes I feel like I look a little different, but I still fit into my pants as easily and nothing has really changed too much.

When did it start popping, changing, showing and bumping for you?

My doctor said it might even be 18-20 weeks until I really show… Note, I am 5'2 and rather on the petite side… but it always makes me so curious! :)

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    HI... First baby... 18-20 weeks - I was DYING for it to show... Partially because I felt so bloated and wanted to look pregnant not just ... chubby.. I wanted it to be obvious... but it was 18 weeks... SECOND baby I popped right out at 12 weeks.. maybe sooner...
    But literally... you will wake up one morning and be like, oh hello...
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