Pacifier to Prevent Thumb sucking?

I never wanted any of my kids to suck their thumbs… For a number of reasons, ..germs and… germs and… OH germs… Also, I had a friend whose daughter sucked her thumb and stuck a finger in her nose at the same time and it was awful to watch... 

When my daughter was about 6 months, she found her thumb and loved it… and I panicked and replaced it with a pacifier… I thought, if I get her hooked on the pacifier then when it's time I could take that away… but the thumb… I couldn't take that away… legally anyway… (I joke)... 

It worked though… luckily she gave up the thumb and loved the pacifier and she never went back to the thumbs after we took the pacifier away... 

How DO you take the thumb 'away"? it's cute when they're little, but when I see a first grader suck their thumb… yuck... 

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    3 was my maximum age and at 2.. it was nap and bed only... or at bedtime... and Ijust didn't bring one with me... because I knew I would give in...

    But 3 was the golden age... of many changes... plus, you can fib to them that they no longer market pacifiers for that age... lol... I also lied to him that the diapers would no longer fit him.. geez... I think I lied a lot... or just placed it in a way with him...
      8Theresa Gould
      I was the opposite, but see your logic. However, my mother hated pacifiers and that just sort of passed down to me. What I noticed looking back is my first two sucked their thumbs, but I did not nurse them on demand. My other six were nursed on demand and allowed to co-sleep with us and none of them sucked their thumbs.

      Our two who sucked their thumbs sucked them until they were 3 and 5 or thereabouts. Our 3yo was easy to break. We asked her what she wanted if she stopped sucking her thumb and she said, "A hotdog party", so we covered her hands with socks pinned to her pjs and did this for about a week and the habit was broken and she was happy as a lark when we hosted her hotdog party in celebration of her breaking her bad habit.

      Our other daughter was a tougher nut to crack. It took over a year to break her habit and even the promise of a new bike did not really motivate her, though she did get the bike when she stopped. I think she just had to decide enough was enough. She was a big girl now and didn't need it anymore.
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