Are you getting a period while pregnant!?

In all reality… NO! But in some cases, you might «think» you are, when you see light spotting or bleeding… it's not your «period», but it could be a number of different things — some to be concerned about, some not to be.

Concerning Bleeding - 

— could be a miscarriage

— ectopic pregnancy

— infection

Non Concerning Bleeding - 

— after a pap smear 

— after a vaginal exam

— after sex

The kicker is… you might not know WHAT is concerning or WHAT isn't — that is why regardless, you need to contact you doctor right away. 

I am curious… have any ladies experienced this? On a concerning level or on a non concerning level? Luckily, this has not happened to me.

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    8Theresa Gould
    The only non concerning pink I have seen is in my first couple of pregnancies after intercourse. Everything else has been worrisome and ended up being a miscarriage, unfortunately. My spotting has started brown, pink and ended up in bleeding, even hemorrhaging. For me any kind of spotting or bleeding meant I was losing our baby. :(
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