To Amnio or Not To Amnio?

My second pregnancy was during that cusp of the 30's when you wake up at 35 and suddenly become a different womb. I forget the exact numbers but the percentages of having a baby born with abnormalities sky rockets. I would turn 35 during my second pregnancy, so my husband and I agreed that we wouldn't have an amnio unless something showed up on any of the tests. Which it did… and that's another post… But long story short, double markers came up for Downs and we did an Amnio and all came back «normal»… BUT… What does everyone here think? 

Would you automatically get an Amnio at 35? Would the information you received back make a difference? This is a heavy debatable subject, I know… and touchy for a lot of people… But wouldn't you like to know? So either you can best prepare yourself for whatever type of baby you are to have? Or do you feel it's best not to know? 

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    No. I wouldn't and didn't. I have had a child at age 36, 38 and 40 and they have been just fine. However, I have also had 5 miscarriages between the ages of 35 and 42.

    I wouldn't want to know because I'd be worrying. Better to enjoy the pregnancy as much as I am able with my history of miscarriage than to worry about yet another thing. Knowing wouldn't change my mind about keeping a child or doing what ever I could for a child who has something wrong with it. But that's just me/us.
      I think that regardless of what I would "DO" with any results... I wanted to be as prepared as possible... I had two kids to think of as well.. SO, if she came back with Downs.. I wanted to be able to provide and support and nurture EVERYONE in my home the best I knew how... I wouldn't know how to care for a special needs baby and my kids would need to be prepared as well... SO, it wasn't a "let's see what we get and if we want it or not".. it was with a double marker ,,, I wanted to be the best mom I could... What was the severity if any? Would she be in pain for 2 days or functioning? I wanted to be armed with the MOST knowledge I could get...

      Thankfully... All was well.. but I'm someone that likes to know what to expect... even though I know that's an illusion...
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