Fishees for Dinner...

Yesterday was a busy day… .and granted I COULD have gotten to the store the day before, but well… I didn't wanna… So, last night, when dinner time rolled around and I didn't want to order out or pay for Pizza… I panicked… What to make? For a second I felt like a bad mom… I SHOULD have the major food groups ready and prepared for them at all times… or I fail them... 

So… I made them a plate of snacks… Fishees, almonds, raisons, apples, carrots, cottage cheese (one kid) and hummus (other kid), sliced banana and black olives… The look on their face when I handed it to them… at the coffee table, WHILE watching TV was of pure joy… Like I handed them a wrapped present...

I felt guilty but then thought, wait a minute… what I DID give them was way healthier than chicken with ranch or a quesadilla or mac n cheese AND way easier than preparing a meal that they won't eat and I have for a week after... 

I realized I have to let go a little… Of this idea of how things are supposed to go… Fishees and apples for dinner is not a bad dinner when you look at some ingredients on things… and it's no secret that I DON'T cook well… if at all...

Anyone else make the «best» dinner with NO «dinner»?

    8Theresa Gould
    Since I began working at home the simpler the meals the better in my book! We love to have fresh fruit, celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins, carrot sticks (though my children will just peel a raw carrot and eat it! Forget the cutting into sticks part!) Or yogurt and fresh fruit. Pasta with tomato sauce topped with cheddar cheese is another easy meal and fills bellies, we alternate between meatless and adding ground beef.

    We also like to eat breakfast meals for dinner - pancakes, eggs, even cold cereal if we have any in the house.
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