Today was busy!

We had such a busy day today! It ended up being errand day and lots of driving hither and yon. We had to pick up goat milk for my daughter's soap making business. Then we picked apples, plums and raspberries for our family and our CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) members, which was fun! Then we had to get horse feed, electrolytes and wormer. Plus I had a couple other things to get or do for blog reviews/paid opps.  I was busy and on the go for the better part of the day and stopped at 9pm. I know it's getting late but how was your day?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Hi, Teresa, it seems you had really busy day today)
    I and my gues was working on the site development about 10 hours - to make more convenient for you - and now I'm happy that you decided to spend your evening here!
    Teresa, please, tell us more about your daughters business! I'm very interesting about making soap
    8Theresa Gould
    Ok, Mariya, I made a separate post about Goat Milk Soap, hope you enjoy it! Thanks for your interest and thanks for all your work on this site!
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