Did (do you) work out while pregnant?

Okay this is a topic I would LOVE to dive into!

As you might have read on my intro post… I am a mover and shaker. I love to be active… at times drive my husband crazy… always asking to go on a walk, hike, bike ride, kayak trip… whatever… I like to be on the go! With that said… I found a new love in working out last year… Pure Barre! Have you heard of it? It is a studio class… a mix of ballet and pilates… 55 minutes of total body workout that LITERALLY makes your legs shake! I remember about 10 minutes into my first ever class… the teacher goes… «10 seconds and we are done with the warm up!» and I was like WHAAAA! It's very intense, but the results, for a woman's body especially, are amazing. This class makes your feel strong, crave to be fit — not skinny, and learn to appreciate the beauty of making your body toned and limber. Needless to say… over a year later, I am still at, almost everyday! 

You can imagine when I found out I was pregnant, this was something initially on my mind… can I continue? Will I be up for it? Will I even be allowed!? I knew I had saw pregnant gals in class before… one even a teacher — but I had to check with the doc! I continued the class until my first ultrasound and then was able to ask her the burning question — is it safe, can I keep it up? What's the 411? Well the 411 was exactly what I wanted to hear — safe, amazing, great, keep going, it will help! my doctor had actually taken the class before and was pumped that I loved it. I was encouraged to keep it up, as much as I could, take breaks more when I need them and stay hydrated. I have done just that and honestly feel amazing at over 3 months. I feel like staying flexible, limber and toned during these next 6 months will be vital to how I feel during labor, delivery and even post birth — would you agree with this being important? I suppose it's something near and dear to me… I realize my body will not be what it is was (I don't need it to be), but being fit and continuing what I am doing, since I can, is really important to me. I also feel like it has helped with sleepiness, headaches, back pains and overall health up to this point. I also use it as MAJOR motivation to go! I tell myself «goodness lady… if you don't want to go now, wait until a few months… now go!» haha It has worked to say the least :)

Note… I also walk daily, my dogs… and just live an active lifestyle with my husband… I would LOVE to hear your gals input on this, real life instances, advice, or even what you wished would have happened during your pregnancy!

Thanks ladies! xxo

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    8Theresa Gould
    Glad you have a workout to enjoy during your pregnancy.

    I have swam and walked during some of my pregnancies. I use to have a Nordic Track, but used it during one of my miscarriages and after that got rid of it because I will never know if using that thing caused my losing Matthew. :(
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