Chinese Birth Calendar.. What the What!

Okay ladies… fess up! Did you try the Chinese Birth Calendar to predict the gender of your little one? Were you curious or were patient?

My husband and I believe we don't want to find out the gender until we have the lil guy or gal… I know it sounds crazy… but I think we won't! I am always such a planner but something has come over me that I think waiting would make the moment amazing!

Anyways… I had to try the Chinese Birth Calendar just incase… for fun ;) I knew I couldn't try it with just MY information… how would I know if it is right since this little bun is still cooking? ha! So I used 4 kiddos that my friends have had and plugged them… ahem… ALL CORRECT! I was astounded. 

So of course I used my own birth day and due date… GIRL! It proclaims that he/she will be a SHE. To be honest… my intuition has been girl from the beginning… so who knows. I would love to know if you tried it while you were pregnant and if it was dead on or dead wrong! I think the science, calendar, dates and calculations are so interesting… makes for a fun few months :)

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      8Theresa Gould
      I never tried and we never found out the gender of any of our babies. Neither of us wanted to and the only time I was tempted was after our three girls, but I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret from my husband if I did find out so I didn't.
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