Oh Dad... Be Careful What You Say

Fun night at Walmart tonight. My son was playing in the pool having fun, and we had to run to Walmart to go buy a few things for the house, and my modest little man wanted to change out of his swim trunks and put underwear on with a fresh pair of shorts.

Normally we would have let him go ahead and grab a new pair of shorts and fresh pirate underwear but all we could see out the window was the afternoon/evening storms clouds rolling in and as hot as it was it was going to be a bad one.

Well my lovely husband decided to tell our 6 year old «no worries little man your free-balling.» As soon as the words were out of his mouth he looks at me standing across the room mouth agape and arms crossed with my «why did you do that?» look on my face. 

Damage was done now so we have him throw on a shirt and flip flops and we are out the door. 

Well we make it to the store, grab what we need and make our way to checkout. The normal older lady cashier we have is checking us out and she glances down and commented to my son how much she thought his monster truck swim trunks were really cool. 

So instead of a thank you coming from my curly-haired Cutie, loud and proud he announces «I'm Freeballing!!» All the guys in the line behind us bust out laughing (including my husband), the cashier is cracking up giving me the best «boys-will-be-boys» look and my face is buried so far into my hands I am ready to melt away.  

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