Did you try IVF(in-vitro fertilization) after tubal ligation

Our friends are currently doing IVF because of her tubal ligation. This is her third round. The procedure is you start on birth control pills to regulate your cycle for the process. Then you take meds to stimulate follicle production. Then you have an ultrasound to determine when you are ready to do your egg retrieval. On the day of your retrieval they will fertilize them all and check to see how many embryos you have then you will implant :-) you have the option to freeze the ones you don't implant. Their first try they only did one embryo. The second try they did two. This try they transferred two also but they chose to do a natural cycle FET because she didn't like all the meds and her body knows what to do it's just mechanically not able to. They are at 7 days post transfer. It is worth the trials and tribulations if you want another precious baby:-)

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        8Theresa Gould
        I've never tried. Years ago we knew of a couple who did and they had twins as a result, but I do not know all the details of how long it took them.
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