50 Shades Of Grey Casting!!!

I read the book out of pure curiosity. I just read the first one... the second one bored me and I gave up... I wanted to know what everyone was freaking out about.. maybe I'm numb or not easily shocked... but the book seemed pretty okay by me... I mean, people get funky in the bedroom all the time... Nothing was shocking to me... and as much as I honestly DO NOT care about the movie cast... i DID find it interesting WHO they did cast... and I'm so glad they did who they did... the non traditional l"hot" girl... and an A list actor cast... it's nice...

what do you think?

Take a minute and take a quick poll, would you? I want to write an article on it.. thank you..

Poll is here (nope, don't have to join...)


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    8Theresa Gould
    I didn't read any of the books either but have read plenty of comments about them. I have no idea if the actors they cast are perfect or not.
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