Kids Scared in the middle of the night!!!

​I sleep trained my kids... Over and over again as those of you with older kids will fully understand that... meaning.. to the new moms out there... that you can "train" your baby once and be good to go, but then they get sick or a belly ache or ear infection and you end up "training" them over and over again and it sucks.

Anyway. I did my part. My kids sleep well.. in their own beds... I get the occasional creeper and find one next to me sometimes, but they're pretty good...

Lately... maybe it's age... my son is 9 and daughter is 6... things are spooky to them.. shadow of a stuffed animal.. or jacket or chair... the thought of aliens of they're real or not and if they CAN actually suck your brain... these things are starting to freak them out.

It's normal I know.. I remember well going through this myself... and though they are fairly well protected with what they see on TV or any videos, they have friends that talk, and have older siblings and our neighbors are a little older (not much but their parents are looser) and they watched "Chuckie" and told my kids about it...

it's sort of a right of passage you know? I can't stop them from hanging with their friends... this is the real world kids... things can get scary...

I tell them they're safe, it's just a movie, and try to relate...

any other tricks from parents out there? what to tell them in the mid of the night? I don't mind them scared in my bed ever now and then... but it's every few nights and they alternate it seems, so I'm up every 2 hours...walking someone back to their bed in our spooky world...

My fear was the boogey man... still is.

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    what? boogey man? seriously?
    He is fat and stupid - I'm shure you can fight him just with words! And I'm sure he is scared you more - because you're cleverer and not made from bagging).

    Ok, I mean use humor - the best weapon against fear)). Boogey man is really scaring.
      Aw, poor kiddos! I remember being scared easily.. actually storms really did it for me.. into my parents room I went! haha.. A typical.. "Moooom? Daaaad?" haha

      Anyways, could you ever chat with them about their room being the one super safe place nothing can get them, or something believable like that? That no matter what they hear or so.. their room is their haven! Just a cray cray thought :)

      And you lady... let's have a boogey man intervention.. he won't get you! ;)
        8Theresa Gould
        I remember being scared of noises in a quiet house as a teen while I was babysitting, with my mom right next door. Seriously I'd walk over to our neighbor's house a couple doors down but instead it was a field because I lived in the country. I'd always call my mom!

        Anyways, we pray with our kids but thankfully it's a rare thing they get scared, but I think because they all have a sibling sharing their rooms it's eliminated their fears or else their sibling may talk them down.

        I think what you are doing is great, but sometimes only mom can comfort and that's why they are coming to you. Once they forget about Chuckie and realize they are safe it'll go away....until the next thing comes along, you know? I don't think you can rush it though. If they are afraid, they are afraid.

        I like Mariya's idea of humor....can you watch something lighthearted on tv so they go to sleep with that on their minds rather than what their friends have told them during the day? Or can you do some kind of family activity before bed to ward of their fears.....grasping at straws here.....hope it is only temporary for you.
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