Tips for potty training your strong willed child

My parents believe that I had to teach a child to potty from the time he learns to sit himself. I think that this is not correct, it is often happened that at this age the child does not use the potty for it's purposes. I started to teach my baby to potty when he was one year old. I bought the sticker and every time he went to the potty pasted on a label.It was like a game. In the 1.5 years he went to potty himself.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I've started some of my children from newborn because they have body signals. The ones I used this method on were potty trained earlier. It takes consistency and time though and isn't always convenient to the lifestyle we have here in North America but in many countries this is how parents potty train. Ever notice African babies do not wear diapers? That's the reason, their moms observe and listen to their babies' body signals. I can't say I ever got it quite like them but I was intrigued enough to try.