What you love MOST about your babe's nursery?


Tell me what you love the MOST about your baby's nursery? The lighting? A comfy rocker? A print that you hung? The sweet smell? All the toys?

One thing my husband and I decided to do.. since a) we are not finding out the gender.. b) we love love love music... c) we are less is more ppl!

We are going to create one of the walls as a music wall of sorts.. meaning, finding loads of unique frames.. and framing music lyrics of songs that are near and dear to our hearts :) So since the nursery really doesn't exist yet.. that is what so far is most loved.. in my heads :) hehe​

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      8Theresa Gould
      We only had a nursery with our first, as we only lived in a 3 bedroom townhouse until we moved to the farm house two years ago. But I loved the Winnie the Pooh theme I chose. :) Loved that the wall hangings were no permanent as they were wall stickers and could be moved around. It was very simple and cute but I liked it.
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