Co-Sleeper vs. Bassinet!


A debate!

One I have been researching lately.. the co-sleeper vs. bassinet when the baby first comes home.. when nights are crazy and sleep is far between.. when nursing is what I will be doing and day I won't know from night :)

I was thinking about bassinets, or pack n plays (I think a lot of gals use) and then read about co-sleepers, attached to bed. I read so many comments about both.. the idea of having the baby RIGHT there.. but also that it can be rather dangerous when lacking sleep. I read about bassinets being so handy right next to the bed as well.

Tell me ladies.. have you used either? Do you have an opinion on one or the other? Have you used a co-sleeper? What made it easy for you?​

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      8Theresa Gould
      We used a bassinet with our first and maybe our second but then I slept with my babies. I got way more sleep....and if you research a little more most mothers and babies sleep on the same sleep cycle so if baby moves mama usually wakes up, if the mothers are not under the influence of any sort alcohol or drugs. Since I do not drink or use drugs it was never an issue.

      The thing I worried about is them falling out through the guard rail when they were on the outside, so I used a flat, not puffy pillow barrier between baby and guard rail. I also I felt better with them between my husband and I, but then I worried about my husband rolling on the baby! He definitely improved over the years though and we still sleep with our little guys - they are bed hogs! Once our youngest is potty trained we'll move them into their own room. I want him out of his mischievous stage too of getting into things.
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