Going Out!

How often do you and your partner/friends go out since you have kids?

Once a week?

Once a month?

Once.. uh, you cannot remember!

Our friends recently told us.. GO OUT! As much as you can! And granted we do.. but we also fully intend to keep doing fun weekend things post baby. The other night, as we had a late dinner outside downtown, we were impressed to see two young couples with very young babies out late, eating.. and the bambinos were snoozing.. they then took some strolls and enjoyed the late night. We couldn't help but think that we really hope/intend for this to be us. I realize that things change when babies get older, and it gets harder to take them out.. but sometimes I think some of my friends just never tried or did it.. thus taking them out IS really hard, because neither of them are used to it.. does that make sense? I know I don't how much my life is about to change.. but I also want to make my husband and myself a priority.. does that sound selfish? I feel like lots of gals lose themselves and distance themselves from their husbands once the baby is born.. I want to TRY not to do that. I know I will madly love my lil guy or gal.. but I firmly believe in being happy with yourself before you can be the happiest person for everyone else.. ah. End small soapbox.. ha! What do I know.. I don't even HAVE a baby yet.. well kinda.​

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        8Theresa Gould
        We go out once or twice a month alone whether it's for errands or breakfast out alone, but we don't want to burden our teenage daughters more than that.

        When they were little we usually did something after they were asleep.

        As far a newborn goes, they are pretty easy to take out because once they are fed and changed they usually just sleep, gradually that will change to include playtime/awake time.

        When mine were really little, people would be amazed that I took all 3, 5 or 7 of them out shopping, but once the rules were known and they abided by them we usually enjoyed our outings. Going shopping, to the Botanical Gardens, to the park etc. and we did travel at least once a year with them and we all have fond memories of our little family vacations. I just wouldn't travel 32 hours with a five month old straight through again....oy!
          Melissa Middleton
          Um, never! If we go somewhere, the kids come. I heard it is healthy to have time alone but, well, we love having the kids along with us. Wow, I just realized how old this thread is. LOL

          So, do you go on date nights alone or is a family affair?
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