Sports.. Which ones?

I have often thought of how kiddos get involved/interested in sports. Do you wait and see what they like? Try a few things? Make them do something because you like it? My good friends husband is a junior high football coach.. they have a 4 year old and claim that he is coaching so he can be in the system when their little guy is old enough.. UH!

I find this weird!

What if he hates football? Are they going to make him play? Expect him?

I always thought when I have a kiddo.. I will attempt to tune into things they like.. whether trying at home.. or a class or two.. and then seeing what they lean towards. But the idea of prepping THAT early is weird to me.. is it weird to anyone else? Every kiddo is SO different I think!​

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      8Theresa Gould
      We haven't pushed them either way with the sports thing but I also haven't wanted to be driving all over hither and yon with eight children either. We try to go with their interests. Our oldest likes writing and photography and we have encouraged her in those directions by letting her write to her heart's content, getting involved with writing groups and purchasing a nice camera, taking her to a photography class etc.

      Our oldest son expressed interest in wood carving so we got him some little tools and a book. Our other son is interested in music so he has piano lessons and we got him a cheap guitar to start with.

      Things like that.....
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