Time away from the computer...is it possible?

What do you do to get away from the electronics that seems to take over your life? It seems like I am always online (case and point while I type this now, lol) I wake up, and the first thing on my mind is to roll over and check my email on my tablet. How do you bring yourself to step away from work and just read a book and relax? Do you have a schedule you adhere to? 

    Remember when we checked our email when we got home and checked our email? Same as texting... I am constantly checking for texts... remember when you got a voice mail when you got home from work or your day??? I miss those days... I DO love to text... Love it.. And as a mom, no matter how busy you are, there is a lot of down time.. pick up, sports practice, waiting for a class to end, while kids watch their show...
      We had a pretty bad storm last night, and our power was off for almost 2 hours. I went to check my email on the phone, and the battery died! I almost died...lol but once we set up the flashlights around the house and we got into a family shadow puppet contest I completely forgot about my emails and work I still had to get done it was nice after a bit and I even think I even slept better.
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