Time Out!

Here is something I have been really pondering lately...

The use of TIME OUTS in disciplining.. do they work? are they effective?

I don't have a kid yet.. but I see some girlfriends resort to them, whereas others have never even attempted. How old do they need to be to understand? Do you do it even if they don't understand why they are sitting somewhere for a given amount of time? I need to know!

Do you swear by them?

Think they are worthless?

Use them from time to time?

Help a Mom to be out :)​

    8Theresa Gould
    I don't know. I have resorted to them, sort of. Some times children need to be separated and I will have them sit in a chair for a few minutes to either cool off or think about their actions or for me to have a chat with them. I think it depends on the circumstance/situation and the child. What works with one child doesn't always work for the next so it's kind of like we have to figure things out all over again when it comes to disciplining.
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