Kids Going Back School and Feeling Sad

This year both of my kids will be in school I just got used to having only one in school and now both are going to be gone (one in Pre-K and the other in first grade) and as time gets closer and we do our school shopping I am getting more and more sad. 

When my son went to school I cried filling out the paperwork, I cried getting him his backpack and school supplies, I cried dropping him off his first day and then I cried (tears of joy) picking him up from school.

I was given some great advice on getting over the feeling of loneliness and sadness, and I wanted to share them with other moms who may be going on the same emotional rollercoaster ride.

Volunteering and Staying Active in the School System

Now while my son's school will not let me volunteer in the classroom my son is in, I can go on field trips and visit him once a week for lunch. My daughters school will let me volunteer but no word yet on if I can be in the class she is in. My mom was always in the school I was in she was even my Sunday school teacher.

Make a List

I am always making a list. Either for the chores I want to get done around the house, trip packing list, list for what the kids need, etc. My mom told me to make a list of all the things I can do when they are not home. In looking at my list I was surprised by the things I had written down (ie. take a quiet walk with the dog, read a book and have a cup of tea). 

Remember It's Not the End of the World

This was the hardest part for me. I know they are just going to school, and they will be home at the end of the day (my daughter sooner because she is only going for 3 hours). 

Like I keep telling myself it is not the end of the world my babies are just growing and learning, which makes me the happiest mommy in the world.

Moms Expertise
    TOTALLY! The last day of school all the moms and i exchanged a look and words of "yeay ... Summer is here"... laden with sarcasm of course. WE all worried about the true amount of time that was going to end up driving us nuts having the kids home and now, with school 6 days away, the same parents sharing a moment of, "Can you believe it's over??" with an over emphasized pout...
    SO true. AS much as I cannot WAIT for my routine back, I will miss their morning bed heads and the mess in the kitchen after getting their own cereal... Truly Bittersweet...
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