Cheerios.. for all!


As I stayed up WAY late last night.. I am getting a late start on breakfast! My husband was gone for the day/night.. so it was myself, solo, with the dogs.. and yes, I stayed up until around 4 watching the Golden Girls... ha.

Anyways.. I needed a quick breakfast and opted for my all time fav.. CHEERIOS! And it got me thinking just how universally used Cheerios are.. growing up.. they are one of the first finger foods kiddos munch on.. toddlers love them.. they are an easy go to treat.. rather healthy.. rather tasty (if you ask me).. then as you get older.. somehow you revert BACK to Cheerios.. after all they are healthy.. for the heart.. for everything.. simple.. a snack you can typically always count on.. Oh.. and let's not forget the perfect comfort for an upset stomach.. always to the rescue!

So ladies.. are you a Cheerios lover too? All throughout your life? :)​

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    8Theresa Gould
    Yep, grew up with Cheerios and we still eat them, though we tend to gravitate towards generic honey nut brand now, as they have big bags of them that last longer than the boxes do...for our family anyways.
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