Babies & Football?


An interesting question here.. when is old enough or how young do you take your kiddos to big outings like a college football game? In all reality.. I attended my very first OSU game in-utero :)​ But I also was taken so young, probably under 4 or 5! I have the best picture of myself.. teeny tiny and the horse shoe (OSU's stadium) behind me. I feel like, just like the topic of letting your kiddo stay home alone (all tho this is different) is much the same.. all dependent on how your kiddo behaves, acts and what they like.. So tell me ladies.. when did you start taking your kiddos to big events they might enjoy? :)

Oh and... GO BUCKS! :)

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    8Theresa Gould
    Sort of ashamed to admit it but our children have never been to any large sporting events, though my husband and I do like sports, we just do not go to games. We catch updates etc. on the computer after the fact.
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