Labor Day Weekend.. So? how long did you LABOR for!

I would love to know the time at home & at hospital! :)​

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      8Theresa Gould
      First one from the breaking of my water at 10:30am to having her before 9am the next morning. The first 12 hours wasn't hard labor, just a lot of monitoring of baby and walking the halls of the hospital.

      Second one my labor started while I was cleaning the van but come to find out it the contractions were not doing a whole lot but this was the second "false" start and I opted to stay and be induced if nothing happened. They induced around midnight and she was born around 5:30am.

      Third was a quickie. On and off contractions. Called dr. around 11pm dr. said you don't sound like you are in labor call me back when you can't breath through the contractions. I wake up at 3-ish in the morning to water breaking and hard contractions, can't wake my husband up from the bathroom but finally woke him up he calls dr. tells dr. I can't talk to him because I'm having a contraction, dr. tells us to come in, we had to wait for mil to arrive to care for our two daughters....longest wait and i feared we were not going to make it to the hospital. We got to the hospital around 5am, she was born just after 6am.

      Fourth went in for a monthly checkup she does an internal and discovers I am nearly 5cm dilated! I had been having contractions but nothing to howl over. Dr. wasn't sending me home. I think we went over to the hospital around 5-ish pm and our son was born by 8:30pm.

      Fifth son had my membranes striped because he was a week and a half overdue. I had contractions through out the day, went shopping, rested, contractions gradually got worse. Thankfully mil came up earlier in the day because if the striping of the membranes didn't work dr. was going to induce the next day. Son was born that night at 9:30pm with the dr. on call barely getting settled in her chair before he popped out!

      Sixth child was a home birth. Had on and off contractions again, called midwife, midwife decided to come based on how fast my last labor went. She came at about 11pm, our fourth daughter was born at 2:30am.

      Seventh child was a second home birth, had on and off contractions again, they got harder by 5pm that I pretty much knew baby would be coming that night. We didn't even have diapers in the house for a newborn! So hubby had to run out for those and a few other supplies. Our third son was born unassisted at 1:30ish because our midwife had been stopped by the police! She missed the birth by five minutes.

      Our last child was another home birth and it was a putsy labor. It seemed to drag on forever like the first. But he finally made his appearance. I think having the midwife's assistant there hindered my labor progress because though I had met her, she was still virtually a stranger and kept checking me which I finally had to tell her to stop doing.

      Anyways, they all varied as you can see. Another novel-lette from yours truly.
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