Heartburn... Baby Hair?

So what say you REAL Moms.. is the correlation true?

Did you have loads of heartburn and your baby have loads of hair?

Did you have no heartburn, but your baby still had lots of hair?

Did you have tons of heartburn, but a bald bambino!?

I want to know :) So far.. honestly like no heartburn here! :( And I've always wanted a baby with some hair.. ha!​

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      Oh DUDE! Yes!!! This one was SO true for me... I had terrible heartburn... like awful.. like tums and mylanta JUG in my purse heartburn... I slept sitting up... and BOTH of my kids HAD FULL HEADS OF BLACK HAIR... dark, black thick hair... (we are all blondes btw and really fair) SO, yes... that's tru..

      Doesn't matter thought.. that beautiful black hair fell out with cradle cap and the blonde came through in such a way that they both looked like graying old men.... yes, my daughter looked like a grumpy old grampa...

        8Theresa Gould
        For the ones who had lots of hair, I'd have to concur, I did have lots of heartburn.

        Our last child was the only one not to lose his head full of hair. I have cut his hair the most in his first three years of life than any others.
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